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YVF series frequency and velocity modulation motor


Absorbing advantages of advanced products made in Germany and Japan, and applying computer aided design, series YVF frequency control electrics can be formed a complete set with other domestic or abroad frequency-changing facilities of the same type, providing more interchangeability and generality. These products apply squirrelcag-like construction, which procure stable operation and easy maintenance, with separate screw type ventilator which ensures better cooling effect under deferent rotate speed. Their insulation adopt F-class insulation construction largely used in the world, which improves the product stability. The power, bottom installation size and gentrel height are the same indexes as Series Y and Y2 asynchronous esectrics.
These series electrics can be broadly applied for use in light industry. textile, chemical, metallurgy and machine tool industries which require speed control rotary facilities.
These series electrics have the power from 0.25 kilowatt to 200 kilowatt, and central frame height from 71mm to 315mm.

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