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YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor


The YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor is an A.c. stepless regulating device of having a simple construction, and reliable cooperation with lower cost, IT comprises an A.c. three-phase asynchronous motor (Y series motor), an electromagnetic slip coupling and controller. It is usually used under a constant torque load and is particularly suitable for the use under the load with a decreasing torque such as the centrifugal pump and blower, etc. Featruing evident energy-saving efficiency. The speed of the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor can be adjusted uniformly continuously and steplessly within the specified adjustable speed range with and output of rated torque. When the loading torque is changed during the running of the motor, the exciting current of the coupling can be regulated automatically by the speed negative feedback system of the controller so as to keep the output speed fee of any variation basically.

Electrimagnetic adjustable speed motor controller

The controller attached to electromagnetic adjustable speed motor is one kind of SCR coltage regulating regulating device with a speed negative feedback system, which provides exciting power for the exciting power for the exciting winding of the electromagnetic lip coupling. The amount of feedback can be adjusted on the controller panel to meet different requirements for mechanical charateristic hardness, Teh controller is only used for single motor in manual operation to adjust speed.

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