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YD series pole changing multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor


YD series pole changing multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor is one of the series products detived from the three-phas asynchronous, They have step changes of rotationas speed to meet the requirements of load chara-cter, so that they obtin the advantages of suitable matching of power and simplify speed changing systems. Thet are widely used in such industrial and sgricultural departments, as machine tools, mining metallurgy, spinning and weaving, printing and dyeing chemical industry, and agricultural machinery, ets.
YDseries motors can match other other foreign advanced machines of similar type in power grades as well as in correspondent relationship between power power grades and mounting dimensions, and therefore they can substi-tute for the latter so as to be used to be used to fit machine tools or single motors for export as well as spare motors for esectric machines of similar types in imported dquipment.

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