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SHANGHAI LIBIAO ELEC TRIC MOTOR CO.,LTD. specializes in manufacturing various types of dart DC, AC, three-phase asynchronous motor company, located in the western suburbs of Shanghai Jiufu Industrial Park, located in China's rural investment climate Bai Jiangzhen Jiuting territory. Bounded by the 318 national highway and Shanghai Pine Road, 2 km from the Shanghai Outer Ring Road, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 8 km, Pudong International Airport 42 km. The company very advantageous geographic location and convenient transportation.

The total area of ​​130 acres, more than 1,500 employees; with a modern garden plants, the introduction of advanced, efficient and sophisticated production and testing equipment, in order to create sustainable management of manufacturing enterprises, to Provide the most perfect, most effective, most reliable quality products and services.

Electrical and Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai boomerang as a scientific research, production, sales and service as one of modern enterprises have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Honors produced "boomerang"brand various types of Y, Y 2, YCT,YD,YEJ2, YVF2 series three-phase motor, aluminum motor, Z4 series DC motor, YB 2, YBF, YBF 2, YBS , YBK2 series of explosion-proof motors and other special motors. Products have passed the CQC,CCC certification, has been series of electrical explosion proof certification, MA certification, production license.

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